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Books and other eclipse publications


Bradt 2008/2009 Eclipse Guide

UK Solar Eclipses from year 1 to 3000AD - Book store specialising in eclipse books

Total Solar Eclipses and How to Observe Them - by Martin Mobberley

Eclipse! The What, Where, When, Why, and How Guide to Watching Solar & Lunar Eclipses by Philip S Harrington

Eclipse by Bryan Brewer - order form

Cambridge Eclipse Photography Guide

Astronomical Algorithms by Jean Meeus

Mathematical Astronomy Morsels by Jean Meeus

More Mathematical Astronomy Morsels by Jean Meeus

Mathematical Astronomy Morsels III by Jean Meeus

Total Solar Eclipse - by Narender K. Sehgal & Sandip Bhattacharya

Totality: Eclipses of the Sun by Mark Littman, Ken Willcox, Fred Espenak

Myths and Legends Related to Eclipses - by N.C. Rana

Field Guide to the Stars and Planets - by Jay Pasachoff

Nearest Star: The Surprising Science of Our Sun - by Jay Pasachoff

Light Science for Leisure Hours - by Richard A. Proctor BA Cambs (PDF file)

Story of Eclipses - by George F. Chambers (PDF of only part of the book)

Eclipse Software

WinEclipse by Heinz Scsibrany

EmapWin by Shinobu Takesako


The British Library - The Shadow Of The Moon - An Exhibition of British Solar Eclipse Mapping in the Eighteenth Century

Xavier M Jubier's Google maps of tracks of solar eclipses until 2039

Stanfords books and maps - Also stocks the TPC range of navigational maps

Other publications

Irish Chronicles - Website dedicated to the synchronisation of the chronology and the entries of the Irish Annals, containing records of eclipses