UK Solar Eclipses from year 1 to 3000

(an anthology of 3,000 years of UK and Ireland solar eclipses)
2nd edition has a pull out supplement devoted to the 2006, 2008 and 2009 total eclipses

Also provided is a link to a web site containing details to all total and annular eclipses until 2015.

Everybody is interested in eclipses - particularly eclipses of the Sun. Ever since ancient times they have aroused excitement and, in previous years, alarm!  This book by Sheridan Williams is most timely. So far as I know there is nothing else like it... a truly splendid book and an invaluable reference, and will most certainly have an honoured place on my bookshelf.

Dr. Patrick Moore FRAS CBE

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If you saw the 1999 total solar eclipse, you will be determined to see another. Unfortunately Britain will not get another until 2090, and this book gives details of this event. Future worldwide total and annular eclipses are mentioned on the associated web site, and unlimited free advice on these eclipses is available to all purchasers of the book.

Don't miss this opportunity to get organised now for future total, and annular eclipses.

Eclipse using mirror lens 13K

Eclipses of all kinds have entranced mankind since time began. They have been responsible for all sorts of human behaviour, from starting wars, announcing a new king, to signalling death. A total solar eclipse is one of nature's most spectacular sights, and its stupendous beauty cannot be exaggerated. Life is incomplete if you have not seen one, and having seen one, you will stop at nothing to see another.

This book at last provides answers to:

  • When was England's last total solar eclipse?
  • How frequent are total solar eclipses?
  • When is Scotland's next total solar eclipse?
  • When is the next total solar eclipse in the UK that lasts over 4 minutes?
  • When is the next total solar eclipse in your home town...
  • and is a definitive reference guide to the subject of UK Solar Eclipses.

    Chapters and topics include:

  • What to look for during the eclipse
  • Where to get your eclipse glasses and mylar sheets
  • Mechanics of solar eclipses
  • The Saros
  • Eclipse listing 1- 3000 AD
  • Total eclipse maps 1 - 3000 AD including 2090 in Cornwall and 2151 in London
  • Annular eclipse maps 1 - 3000 AD
  • Partial eclipses 1900 - 2100
  • Observation & phenomena
  • How to photograph an eclipse
  • The August 1999 total eclipse including the only licensed Ordnance Survey map of the track and timings
  • The June 2001 total eclipse - a whole chapter with maps of the track, full timings, coordinates and sky chart
  • The Dec 2002 total eclipse - a whole chapter with maps of the track, full timings, coordinates and sky chart.
  • The 2003 eclipse whose annular phase is visible in northern Scotland, Iceland and Greenland
  • World solar eclipses 1995 - 2015
  • Quotations
  • Astronomical computer software listing
  • 1715 UK total solar eclipse (London's last)
  • NASA Eclipse reference guides
  • Over 120 pages of fascinating material and 21 brilliant colour photographs
  • Web page addresses
  • Glossary
  • Review by the B.A.A.

    Read the British Astronomical Association review

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    Consultancy and Media presentations

    Sheridan Williams is a professional lecturer and is available to give media presentations and talks.
    He has been to 19 total solar eclipses among them Sumatra, Siberia, Libya, Madagascar and the Atacama desert in Peru.
    As a traveller, mathematician and ex rocket-scientist, he has the qualifications and background to make talks fascinating.

    He co-presented Sky's eclipse coverage from Pendennis Castle in Cornwall in August 1999. He also appeared on the Discovery Channel, Sky News, and the children's programme "Milk Bar" on Channel 5. As well as advising Channel 4's Big Breakfast Sheridan talked about the eclipse on Radio 5's AM program, Radio 4's "Excess Baggage", Classic Gold and Chiltern FM. Sheridan worked with Patrick Moore compiling eclipse data for the Guinness Book of Astronomy.
    As eclipses consultant he produced the eclipse maps, charts and other details for the Bradt travel guides:

     Africa and Madagascar Total Eclipse 2001 & 2002 - Bradt Travel Guide.

    2006 Total Solar Eclipse - Bradt Travel Guide. (Out of print)

    2008 & 2009 Total Solar Eclipse - Bradt Travel Guide.

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