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Past eclipses

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Many eclipse chasers maintain whole web sites containing their eclipse experiences. These are listed below. Later (under specific years) are sites that only contain data and images from that specific eclipse.

Jay Pasachoff's eclipses - Jay's experiences and photographs for eclipses back from the present to 1959 in the USA.

Daniel Fischer

Eclipse-Reisen - German eclipse site

Val and Andrew White's eclipse travels

Specific years:

1 August 2008 - NASA Bulletin (PDF) Total: Canada, Spitzbergen, Russia, China, Mongolia

Sheridan Williams

NASA Eclipse bulletin

Eclipse details for the Novosibirsk area of Russia

2006A - Northern South America

2006T - Brazil, north Africa, Turkey, Russia

Libya by Sheridan Williams

2005A - Spain, North Africa

2005H - Pacific, Latin America

2003A - Scotland, Iceland

Various photographs

2003T - Antarctica

2002T - Ceduna Australia

Fraser Farrell

2001T - Southern Africa, Madagascar

Sheridan Williams and Derek Hatch

1999T - Europe, Middle East, India

David Wylie from northern France

1999A - Europe, Middle East, India

1998T - Caribbean

NASA report of the Caribbean total eclipse

1997T - Mongolia, China, Russia

The Astronomer online

Journal of the British Astronomical Association

1995T - India, Sabah

1992A - USA, Atlantic, Morocco


Account related by Bryn Jones of the sighting from North Wales


Annals of Dunfermline


Annals of Dunfermline