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Sheridan Williams - Sheridan is this site's host. He is an eclipse tour guide, ex rocket-scientist and college lecturer. He has appeared on TV and radio, lives in England and is available to give talks.

Fred Espenak - The world's most well-known eclipse expert, Fred lives in the US and maintains probably the best web sites for eclipse afficionados.

Jay Anderson - Jay is a Canadian meteorologist specialising in weather prospects for viewing eclipses.

Jay's experiences of eclipses back from the present to 1959 in the USA

Glenn Schneider Glenn Schneider lives in the US and is an umbraphile (literally a "shadow lover"), but properly applied, one who is addicted to the glory and majesty of total solar eclipses. Glenn has basked in the moon's umbral shadow twenty-six times.

Xavier Jubier's Google Earth eclipse maps.

Joanne and Patrick Poitevin

Larry Evans' from Side, Turkey in 2006

Mark Sukhija - Mark's Travel Notes

Daniel Fischer - from Germany

Ecliptomaniacs - Irish eclipse chasers

Val and Andrew White

Nick Quinn - (UK) Details of eclipse travels

Bill Kramer's Eclipse-Chasers a general eclipse site with information (and reports) from past eclipse and future eclipses. Also contains information about solar eclipses, eclipse related items such as stamps and coins, and lots of other eclipse trivia.

Jeffrey R. Charles EclipseChaser's home page

Nigel Evans

Stig Linander

Dan McGlaun - producer of Saros animated GIFs

EclipseGuy's web site

Josep Masalles - Spanish eclipse chaser

German language eclipse site - Stefan Krause

Olivier Staiger

Xavier Jubier - France's leading eclipse chaser

Alan Rifkin - Runs trips and provides support services for local Astronomy and telescope related organizations under the name of Black Sun Expeditions.

Maurice Allais - Descriptions of the anomalous observations during the solar eclipses of 1954 and 1959, of other claimed anomalous physical effects during eclipses, and of modern attempts at further investigation.

Stephan Heinsius:
eclipse reports and photos (German)
eclipse reports and photos (English)
Eclipseland Photo Edition: Framed Pictures (currently German version only)
Webcasting and Photo Gallery of eclipses (and other astronomical events)


NASA Eclipse links - NASA maintains a links page too

Williams College - Jay Pasachoff (US)

BBC Science and Nature - Space

British Science Museum

HM Nautical Almanac Office - Eclipses Online

Solar Eclipse Images Gallery

Photographers Direct Eclipse stock images

International Astronomical Union - Working Group on Solar Eclipses (Public education)

University of North Dakota - Sun Earth Moon System Project