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NASA - Fred Espenak
The Five Millennium Catalog of Solar Eclipses
Shows eclipses arranged by century into 50 separate catalogues.
The Catalog Number in the first column for each eclipse links to a global map of Earth showing the. The Saros Number in the sixth column links to a table listing all eclipses in the Saros series.
Saros series tables from 0 to 180.
Each Saros catalog also has links to individual eclipse maps from the "Five Millennium Canon of Solar Eclipses". There are also links to Saros series animations there that were assembled by Dan McGlaun.

Catalogue of long solar eclipses - Eight millennium catalogue by NASA's Fred Espenak from -2999 to +5000 (3000 BCE to 5000 CE)

Chris O'Byrne's DE406 elements from -3000 to +3000

Animated GIFs of Saros series by Dan McGlaun

All three of the above items on CD

Total solar eclipse observation records by individuals

Annular solar eclipse observation records by individuals