Rushmere Country Park

Stockgrove entrance - dangerous parking

A simple solution that neither Bucks nor Beds could work out (how much do we pay them?) is for the fire brigade to put signs up like this:


Beds and Bucks should note that if only one vehicle parks on the road, the width is less than 3 metres.

At my request AVDC are willing to organise a meeting to discuss the matter, This only makes sense if it takes place on-site on a busy holiday weekend. I wonder if they will accede to this request.

Click here to see the latest reply to residents from Anne James at Buckinghamshire. You won't believe how incompetent/officious our paid officials are. What she is saying is that someone has to be injured before they will get round to helping!


Both Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire councils are under notice that an accident is imminent due to the lack of parking restrictions along Heath Road.

Local Stockgrove residents are concerned that emergency vehicles will either not be able to get through, or be significantly delayed.

What is strange is that Bedfordshire painted double yellow lines outside the Rushmere entrance almost immediately, could a local councillor live on that road I wonder.

Also, the Park is always complaining that it has no money, when they are losing hundreds of pounds a day simply because the council(s) will not paint lines. Beds and Bucks spend all their time arguing who is responsible, and making other petty excuses - see the letter from Anne James (AVDC) below.

The photographs below were taken on an ordinary, but warm, March Sunday. The situation at Easter and as summer approaches will be far, far worse.


The main prevaricators are the AVDC team who would rather make excuses for not acting quickly than prevent an accident and even save the council money (they are losing hundreds of pounds a day in parking fees). If they spent as much time solving the problem as looking for excuses we may have got somewhere by now!

Anne James
Network Resilience Manager
County Hall
Walton Street
HP20 1UY

Parking on Brickhill Road outside Stockgrove Park
Buckinghamshire County Council is currently discussing with Central Bedfordshire Council
how this issue might be resolved. For legal reasons it is not possible for Central Bedfordshire to enforce on the Buckinghamshire County Council side of the County boundary.

Unless we are able to provide enforcement we are not willing to implement restrictions as it would quickly become apparent to regular visitors that enforcement was not taking place on the Buckinghamshire side of the border. The process for introducing waiting restrictions is a legal one and Central Bedfordshire will have gone through this process before they could install the yellow lines. We are not able to just paint lines on the road without the backing of the required traffic regulation order.

If we can find a suitable solution then we will investigate implementing restrictions however I would like to advise that it can take approximately 12 months to process a new traffic regulation order taking into account all the statutory processes.

Anne James also wrote earlier:

Re: CRN 353723 Parking Outside Stokegrove Country Park
Thank you for your letter regarding your request for parking restrictions in the vicinity of the Rushmere car park entrance to Stockegrove Country Park.
I note that you have spoken to Steve Kenton who explained that we are in discussions with Central Bedfordshire about this location.
As a County Council we have the responsibility for on street parking within the County Boundary. We have been approached by Central Bedfordshire to
create a Traffic Order for this area within Buckinghamshire, however we have concerns that as it is a significant distance from any other yellow line
restriction the cost of enforcement would be a significant financial burden. This is because it would require a Civil Enforcement Officer to be driven out
to the location to patrol the area on a regular basis.
We have had recent clarification from the Department for Transport that Central Bedfordshire cannot enforce within Buckinghamshire.
We are now in discussions with Central Bedfordshire to investigate whether is it possible for both parties to agree a cost for patrolling the area at an agreed
frequency that Central Bedfordshire would be prepared to meet. If this can be agreed we will investigate the introduction of restrictions No Traffic Order
has been made for the roads within Buckinghamshire. The process for making a traffic order is lengthy and requires the County to advertise in local papers
and consult with relevant statutory consultees. It normally takes in the region of 12 months from scheme design, through consultation to implementation of the
new Traffic Order and the yellow lining and signs.
The County Council is not inclined to make traffic orders for areas where they are not able to enforce as this brings the County’s service into disrepute.
Until we can resolve the enforcement issue we are not able to implement any Traffic Orders at this location.
Yours sincerely
Anne James
Group Manager, Network Resilence
Telephone 01296 387125

As you can see, the letter is full of excuses not to act, safety is obviously not of concern to AVDC. They fail to realise that most people are law-abiding and occasional patrols are all that are necessary as a deterrent.
There is also legislation to prosecute those who park there already. Parking on verges, especially verges with protected plants and SSSI are an offence, so is causing an obstruction.

Ms James' second response was a little more encouraging, but when I tried phoning Thames Valley Police on 101 as she suggested, the number was not the correct one for the problem. Maybe she is out of touch here too!

Parking outside Stockgrove Country Park

I would like to assure you that I am aware of the situation and that the Parking Team is actively working with Central Bedfordshire to find a solution.
Buckinghamshire County Council does not take over the responsibility of the on street parking enforcement from Aylesbury Vale District Council
until 22 March 2012. We are currently working with our contractors to identify enforcement routes and schedules. It would be most useful if you can
provide us with information about when enforcement would be required. Are there particular days of the week or times of day that are a problem?

At this stage however there are no traffic orders in place so it will take some time, even if we can resolve the enforcement issues with Central Beds,
before we could implement signs and lines and commence enforcement.

If obstruction is occurring you would be advised to call Thames Valley Police as this still falls mainly to them to enforce. The non emergency number for Thames Valley Police is 101.

You are correct in stating that the County will be able to use powers under the Traffic Management Act, however, unlike Central Beds who have enforcement officers based in

Leighton Buzzard and can attend quickly; Buckinghamshire’s enforcement team is based in Aylesbury and the time taken to contact an enforcement officer and for them to drive to the

entrance is significant.


Anne James
Group Manager, Network Resilience

As the Stockgrove area pays its council tax to Soulbury which is part of AVDC, I contacted AVDC Parking Services, they replied...  

Dear Sheridan Williams

Thank you for your email and attachment which has been forwarded to me for a reply.

Firstly I would advise you that this is nothing to do with AVDC. We are currently contracted by Bucks CC to enforce the restrictions put in place by them but this expires on 22/03/2012 and there are no parking restrictions at the location so nothing for us to enforce. On investigation it appears that the location is partly owned by Bucks CC and the other part by Central Beds Council. From the photographs I’m unable to ascertain if that part of the Highway is the responsibility of Bucks CC or Central Beds Council but they should be able to advise you. However, it would be either of these that are responsible for that stretch of Highway and it would be them that you would need to contact. It could also be partly down to the police if the parking is deemed dangerous or causing obstruction.

Yours sincerely

Mike Allwood
Parking Administration Manager
AVDC Parking Services
PO Box 569
HP20 2ZW

I am awaiting Bedfordshire's response and will post that here when it arrives.

Finally, why not sign the ePetition that is available here: