Total Solar Eclipse

21 June 2001

Morombe, Madagascar

by Derek Hatch

I observed the eclipse from the beach at Morombe, approx 45 kms south of the centreline. The view above shows my colleague Mike Foulkes aligning his cameras. My tripod and lens are on the right.

At this location the eclipse should have lasted for 2 mins 22 secs but some large lunar valleys produced a string of Baily's Beads which reduced totality to 2 mins 16 secs. Another feature of the eclipse at this location was that the Sun set over the ocean at the same time as fourth contact occurred. The Sun turned a brilliant red colour and any observers using telescopes or binoculars saw a "green flash" as it finally set.

The following images were taken using a Fuji S1 digital SLR camera fitted with a 170-500mm Sigma APO zoom lens plus a x3 teleconverter and extension tube to yield an overall focal length of approx. 1650mm and an image size of 16mm. The camera was set at 400ASA and most of the unfiltered images were taken with a shutter speed of 1/1000 sec. The inner corona picture is a mosaic of six images taken at 1/45 sec

All images © 2001 Derek Hatch. If you would like copies of the images they are available on CDROM.

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