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Robert GLASSPOLE [280]  m:1906 Ada FLETCHER [284]


14 Oct 1877 - 9 Dec 1921   29 Nov 1882 - 1979

1 child:

Dorothy [285]    
Dorothy GLASSPOLE    
12 May 1908 - 23 Nov 2004    

Dorothy's home was in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, England.
She was employed in hairdressing at Tewins (part of the John Lewis group) in Watford. She never married and looked after her mother at their home from the 1950s until she her mother died in 1979. Dorothy died in a nursing home in Watford at 96 years old.


Robert died when Dorothy was 13 years old and Ada had to work for a living. She joined the Merchant Navy as 2nd stewardess serving on the Domala from Sep 1922 to Dec 1922, the S.S. Matiana from Feb to Apr 1923, and again from May to Aug 1923. Both ships travelled to India.      

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